Insane Value for Money Wines from Chile!

Over the last few years Chilean wines have come from nowhere to take the world by storm. And there’s one main reason for that – wines from Chile offer unsurpassed value for Money.

We have two new ranges of Chilean wine which prove the point many times over. 

Our Curico river wines are a range of beautifully balanced, elegant wines that will flat-out embarrass similarly priced wines from any other country.  Just $10.99. 

But it’s the Korta Barrel Selection wines which really got our buying team in a frenzy. These are delicious, big, soft and rounded wines. When we tasted them we thought these would for sure be in the $25 plus price bracket. But guess what our price just $14.99. 

Thank you Chile, thank you a thousand times over! 

Remember, Midnight Friday 31st of October is the cut-off for our bargain bonus 6 pack offer. Save 50% on 6 bottles of Long Flat Cabernet Merlot or Semillon Sauvignon. 

The Team at Corporate Direct