Should I stay or should I go?

Thank you for all the fantastic feedback you’ve given us about our new website. Everyone has been very impressed with the design of the site and how easy it is to use.






Some of you love our Winesale home page Mascots “Tuxedo Guy” and “Dancing Wine Girl” and some of you are not so keen on them. So in the spirit of democracy and since we’re all voting this weekend anyway we thought we’d let you have your say on the really important issues!

Please feel free to leave a comment about our home page below. Thanks for your feedback!

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9 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. When you make your decision, think about the percentage you may loose business from as they find this sort of stereo typing offensive. Particularly when they can get clean skins for the same price in the supermarket with out being subject to women being pictured as party animals or men being macho. It would have been interesting to know the genders of your voters!

  2. Thanks for your comments Nicole. We will definitely take them on board!
    At the supermarket I go to you can buy cleanskins much cheaper than the wine we sell here. The problem is after you buy them you have to drink them! All our wines are made by serious winemakers who stand behind their product. I can’t tell you how many people come through our office every week trying to sell us cleanskins. The plain fact is that most of these wines are just not up to scratch. The situation is becoming worse with the bumper harvest experienced this year as wineries try and quit wine which they would never dare put their own label to. (Waiter – is that Sauvignon Blanc or water in my wine glass?) The only time we sell cleanskins is when we know where the grapes have come from and who made the wine. Then to actually make it on the site the wine would have to offer an exceptional price/quality ratio.
    We are deadly serious about the quality of our wine. All our wines are 100% quality guaranteed. If you don’t like one of our wines for whatever reason we will replace it or refund your money.

  3. While I don’t go for PC I also don’t much care for the messages these two suggest – Tuxedo guy smoking, Dancing girl “losing herself” to alcohol. If you are going to have pictures, I’d rather see people (and I don’t mind them being good looking) having fun times with friends/family of all ages, socialising, picnicing, listening to music, celebrating events etc.

  4. You’re website is great except for the “mascots”. I’m sure you can find something better than those ..

  5. What a bunch of p.c. plonkers complaining about the Mascots. Any sense of fun these people had obviously ran out when the effects of the contents of the last bottle they got from you did. Hey people.If you dont like them, ignore them.Bet you do that with other things you dont like in life.

  6. The site is impressive and easy to use.I particularly like the ease of finding wine types and prices.The only two comments I have are 1. The models on the home page,they appear to be 20 somthing party animals and not the demographic of people who buy wine in quantity to consume at home with food.That is just my opinion not supported by research of your customer base and 2.The FAO section uses humour I have no problem with that but a potential new customer might like their ouestion taken seriously.By the way your products are excelent quality and value.

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