Wines of Change

Helen is out, John is in, and Winston is gone. What a weekend. It’s times like this that we love being in the wine game. All of those who aren’t ready for change get your wines here. All those who are ready for change get your wines here too!

We have wines which will help you through any changes:

ASPEN ESTATE Shiraz. For only $9.99 per bottle you get these stunning wines. Every time we get our hands on these wines the response is huge. Don’t miss out.

MELNESS Riesling – This wine was a revelation when we tried it. Off dry with loads of soft clean fruit. Exceptional value at $11.99 per bottle.

The guys at Whitehaven know a thing or two about making great wine, and the WHITES BAY Sauvignon Blanc proves this beyond doubt. Awesome wine which is worth far more than the meager $14.99 per bottle that you pay for it here!

Check out the other great specials in your area.


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