Welcome to our New Home Page Mascots

Well the results of our home page election are in and it was a close race. Importantly 33% of voters didn’t care if our mascots stayed or left!

Also importantly another 34% of voters thought that they should stay and yet another 34% of voters thought that either one or both of the mascots should be sacked. We know that adds up to 101% but our pollsters insist these are the correct results.

So while only 34% of our respondents were unhappy with our choice of home page mascots – we at Winesale.co.nz have taken the view that we want 100% of our customers to be happy 100% of the time. In order to achieve this lofty goal we have taken the drastic step of  giving both  “Tuxedo Guy” and “Wine Dancing Girl” notice of redundancy. Please be assured that we have provided these loyal employees with all of their statuatory rights as well as a lengthy course of career counselling.

To be truthful we were getting sick of “Tuxedo Guy” sitting around the office, smoking cigars and drinking all the port anyway. And the tuxedo didn’t really fit in with the casual office work dress policy we have around here at Winesale.co.nz.

So thank you for your feedback. We hope you like our new mascots. Once again please feel free to leave any comments you have below.