Cancelled Export Chardonnay only $8.99!

Wednesdays fantastic offer went nuts, todays will be the same!

SELAKS PREMIUM SELECTION Chardonnay – this wine sells elsewhere for around $18, but we have blown that away with our HOT price of only $8.99 per bottle. WOW! (Sorry Sold Out – 28 Nov)

PALLISER ESTATE Pinot Gris – This wine won the only PURE GOLD Medal at the Air New Zealand wine awards for a Pinot Gris, and we have it.
Everywhere else will probably charge you a lot more now it has this award but not us. Still only $18.99 per bottle. Hurry, we don’t have much left.

CURICO RIVER Camenere – The “lost” grape of Bordeaux was discovered in Chile and it is brilliant. Superb easy drinking wine with buckets of flavour. $10.99 per bottle.

TRUBOME Pinot Rose – made by Paddy Borthwick, one of Waiararapa’s leading winemakers. This is superb 2008 Rose, ideal for sunny summer time enjoyment. An off dry style, full of Summer fruits.

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