Our email is changing – advice to Yahoo/Xtra users.

The astute among you may have noticed that the email addresses from which we send our twice weekly newsletter containing our awesome wine deals has changed recently. We have moved from @corporatedirect.co.nz to @winesale.co.nz.

Why have we done this?

Lately we have been finding it very difficult to get our emails through some Spam Filters. In particular we have been having trouble with the Yahoo/Xtra Spam Filter.  This is despite all our newsletter recipients being legitimate subscribers who have asked to receive our email.

Since our twice weekly deal sheet is kind of central to what we do here and since Yahoo/Xtra email addresses account for around one third of our email list, we decided to get some advice about how we could improve our situation. Without getting into the complications of the Yahoo/Xtra Spam Filter and why it is delivering mail from legitimate senders to the Spam folder, we can say that one of the pieces of advice we received was to tidy up our email addresses. Since we are now focusing on the www.winesale.co.nz domain to transact our business we decided to move all the emails to this domain as well.

I’m a Yahoo/Xtra email user. How can I always ensure I get your emails in the future?

If you’re a Yahoo/Xtra email user you can make some changes on your Yahoo/Xtra webmail account which will ensure you always get our email. (Note this has to be done in Webmail, it can’t be done on you computer using a program like Outlook.)

First of all check your SPAM folder for our messages:

1. Log in to Yahoo!Xtra Mail Account
2. Open the Spam folder by clicking it in the folder list on the left of the page
3. Check Spam messages
4. Click on any messages you find from Corporate Direct/Winesale
5. Click the Not Spam button along the top of the window.

Secondly if you want to ensure messages from Corporate Direct never get sent to your SPAM folder then add us to your webmail contacts:

1. Find any message from us.
2. Next to the email address in the reading pane you will see an Add icon with a little plus sign. Click on this and click “Save”.
1. Click Contacts in the folder list along the left side of your Yahoo! Mail page
2. Your Contacts open as a tab in the main window
3. Below the word Contacts on the actual tab, notice the Rolodex-card icon with a plus sign next to the words Add Contact.  When you move the mouse here, it becomes a button, and when you click it, a Contact Properties window opens where you can enter our email address. Our email address will depend on which region you live in. Click here to see the latest list.
4. Click OK when you’re finished.

Lastly please never label an email from us as Spam!

If you are tired of hearing from us, all of our emails contain a very easy to follow unsubscribe link which will have you off our list in a flash!


2 thoughts on “Our email is changing – advice to Yahoo/Xtra users.

  1. Thanks for that info. I too have had problems with Yahoo/Xtra and have changed my address from xtra.co.nz to gmail.com

  2. Thanks John. That’s a smart move!
    In our opinion Gmail is a far better email provider. We use Gmail here. It’s free and they have the best spam filter going. The Gmail filter stops spam getting through to you but actually delivers the mail you want to receive! Amazing! Anyone can get a free gmail account here: http://gmail.com
    Don’t forget to advise us if you switch so we can update your email details!

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