Argentine Malbec Rocks Our World!

The world is going crazy for Argentine Malbec. Here’s what the world’s most famous wine critic, Robert Parker, had to say about Argentine Malbec:

“This French varietal, which failed so miserably on its home soil in Bordeaux, has reached startling heights of quality in Argentina. Both inexpensive, delicious Malbecs and majestic, profoundly complex ones from high-elevation vineyards are already being produced,”

We have three fantastic Argentine Malbecs for you to try:

Benjamin Malbec 2008 – You won’t believe how well this goes down and you certainly won’t believe the $9.99 price tag!

Nieto Reserva Malbec 2006 – Four stars from Warren Barton and Gold Medal at the World of Malbec wine show. This is glorious wine for $14.99.

Don Nicanor Malbec 2006 – From the best area (Mendoza) in the best country for Malbec. This wine has too many medals and accolades to mention. Like our description says this is the Malbec they serve in heaven! At just $19.99 you will want to stock up your cellar!

Cheers and have fun

The team at Corporate Direct