Michel Torino Takes Off!

torino collectionWow! We thought our new Michel Torino wines would go well but the response so far has been AMAZING! We got our first repeat orders within three days of the wines being listed! That has to be some sort of record. It just goes to show when we can get hold of Pinot Noir and Shiraz, good enough to rival New Zealand and Australian wines but at a super low $10.99 sales will go through the roof.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got our hands on some Michel Torino Malbec. This is the variety Argentinean winemakers have made their own. Many of our customers have already made themselves familiar with this seductively plummy wine and they always come back for more!

Michel Torino Malbec 2007 $10.99 per bottle. Don’t pay $18.99.
Michel Torino Shiraz 2008$10.99 per bottle. Don’t pay $18.99.
Michel Torino Pinot Noir 2008 $10.99 per bottle. Don’t pay $18.99.

Why are Michel Torino wines so good?
Michel Torino (pronounced Me-shell Torino) first planted vines in the Cafayate Valley high up in the Argentine Andes in 1892. So they have a great deal of experience in getting the best from their terroir – which is certainly very unique terroir indeed.  Their vineyards are situated at 1700 metres above sea level and experience extreme variation of temperature between hot days and cold nights. This extreme thermal amlplitude (up to 22 degrees celsius) provide ideal conditions for making wines with intense varietal characteristics.

You can lean more about Cafayate and the amazing Michel Torino winery on their website here.

Stay tuned because we also have some sensational premium offerings from Michel Torino coming soon.

Michel Torino Winery - Cafayate Argentina

Michel Torino Winery - Cafayate Argentina


2 thoughts on “Michel Torino Takes Off!

  1. Very, very disappointed not to see a single gewurtz in your otherwise very good spread of NZ and Oz reds and whites. For goodness sakes! Get rid of the bloody chardonnay and bring in some good gisborne, marlborough or even Otago gewurtz…in time for summer!!


  2. Thanks for your feedback George. We are big Gewurzt fans around here too! There are actually 4 Gewurztraminers on the site and more coming soon! Check out: Gewurztraminer

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