Good Wine Invites Return Trips!

New Website Feature!

At we think a wine can have all the awards or star ratings in the world, but what really matters is whether or not the customer comes back for more.  After all – buying the same wine a second time is the ultimate accolade any wine can earn from a consumer.  It’s the consumer saying “I have shelled out my hard-earned cash for this wine and it has delivered on its promise and I am going to enjoy buying this wine again!”

With this in mind we have created the concept of Return Trips to let you know exactly how many times our customers have been excited enough by our wines to buy them a second time. Wines listed on now have a Return Trips badge giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice about your wine.

At the bottom of each wine description you might see something like:

Return Trips: This wine has been repeat purchased 100 times by 70 customers!

This means that the wine you are looking at has been thought so good by 70 customers that they just had to buy it a second time. In fact of those 70 people who purchased it more than once, some of them have purchased it 3, or 4, or maybe even 5 times. Hence the 100 repeat purchases. Now… this could mean that 40 of the 70 people bought the wine twice and 30 bought it three times, or it could mean that 69 people bought the wine  twice and 1 person bought the wine 32 different times!

Anyway you get the picture! The wine is loved so much that at least 70 people took another trip with it – a Return Trip

Just one more way that is making the wine buying process easy for you!

It should be noted that Return Trips do not measure the volume of wine which is sold. For example you may buy one bottle of the same wine three weeks in a row and this would count as two return trips. Likewise if you bought a case of the same wine three weeks in a row this would also count as two return trips.

Also note:
Only wines that have been repeat purchased 5 times or more will display the Return Trips badge. Wines without the Return Trips badge may be new listings. Return Trips statistics also apply to multiple vintages of the same wine. So if 50 people have taken Return Trips with the 2008 vintage and 5 with the 2009 vintage then the Return Trips for the 2009 vintage will show 55 .


2 thoughts on “Good Wine Invites Return Trips!

  1. Jolly good idea. Just don’t publish names or I might finish up in more than wine if my wife sees it.
    Cheers, Erwin.

  2. Re Return Trips Website feature.

    Well done on this initiative, it is very helpful to me in making buying decisions on new wines I have not purchased in the past.

    Conversely I have purchased Vintage Lane Chardonnay 3 times and I am pleased to know my actions will help others in purchasing a very good “drinking Chardonnay”

    Keep up the great service

    Mike Baker

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