2002 Penfolds Grange Customer Review Winner

Thank you to all those pioneers who put fingers to keyboard this weekend and became our first Customer Reviewers!

Congratulations to Gary Clarkson who won the draw for a bottle of 2002 Penfolds Grange! Well done Gary this beautiful $620 bottle of wine is on its way out to you – enjoy and drink it slowly!

With so many reviews coming in over the weekend we now have our leaderboard firmly established.

Remember if you are one of the Top 10  on our leaderboard on the 28th of February you and your partner will be invited to our all expenses paid Fabulous Martinborough Wine Weekend – a sumptuous luxury weekend of wine you will not forget!

Tips for Getting to the Top of the Leaderboard

The number one tip is simple: contribute well written and thoughtful wine reviews! You get ranking points both for contributing reviews and for how helpful  other users find your reviews. So while the easy points will come quickly with each review you post, the much harder points will come over time as your fellow users do or do not rate your reviews as “helpful”. So your best chances of being somewhere near the top come February is to:

a) post well written and thoughtful reviews, and
b) post them early to give them the best chance of accumulating helpful votes.

Good luck and thanks for your participation. Every customer review posted is making Winesale.co.nz an even better place for our customers to make smart wine buying decisions!