Customer Wine Review Competition Prize Winners

Thanks to all our customers who have contributed your wonderful wine reviews to our site. You are making a better place to buy wine!

The winners of our Luxury Wine Cases are:
Linda Sorensen, Gary Clarkson, K8y, DIONysus, Harry Jewiss, Clare Jones, Robocop, Alastair Ness, Tina Maurice, Terry Pullen, Bill Sutton, Action Hero, James McAnally, Keith May, Alan taylor, Juliane Cormier, Ian Carden

In addition Linda Sorensen, Gary Clarkson, K8y, DIONysus and Harry Jewiss, will each recieve a case of 5 Oaks Sauvignon Blanc for being our Top 5 reviewers.

And our Trophy Reviewer, the wonderful Linda Sorensen, will also receive a case of No 1 Family Estate Cuvee No.1. Well done Linda!

The winner of the Acer Aspire V5 Laptop for writing the most helpful review goes to Alistaair Ness for his review of Barren Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir.

This weeks spot prizes of a case of 5 Oaks Sauvignon Blanc go to:
Serina Grive for her review of Torresella Prosecco.
Joe Barwell for his Helpful voting.

Thanks to all our customer reviewers!