Bannock Brae

Bannock Brae 2009 Barrel Selection – End of Vintage!
If you managed to grab a copy of the NZ Herald on Saturday and read John Hawkesby’s wine column you would have read how highly he rates the Bannock Brae Barrel Selection 2009 Pinot Noir dubbing it one of the best Pinots in the country. Read article here. What he didn’t say is that the 2009 vintage has rolled over and this will be a very hard wine to find soon. We have only 100 bottles in store and this is the very last of this vintage we will be able to get our hands on. So be quick! Just $55.99 a bottle.

Bannock Brae Goldfields 2012 Pinot Noir – $31.99
At the Bannock Brae winery the Goldfieds Pinot Noir gets exactly the same treatment as its Barrel Selection big brother. Unlike many other wineries the Goldfields is not a second label where shortcuts are taken to meet the market. The Goldfields is made from the same grapes and undergoes the exact same winemaking process as the Barrel Selection. The only difference being the Barrel Selection is made only from select barrels of the vintage. Make no mistake this is a first class wine in its own right.