Five Red Wines That Can’t be Beat on Price

  1. Barren Rock Central Otago Pinot Noir – Our Price $19.99
    Drinking brilliantly well right now, this Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir offers extraordinary value for money. Why is the price so great? As a Winesale brand we guide this wine from the grape to the bottle cutting out middle men all along the way and ensuring our high quality standards are met. Bramble,spice,doris plum and rich ripe red fruit aromatics – everything Central Otago is famous for. If you haven’t had the pleasure of this wine lately your are truly missing out!
  2. Earthworks Barossa Shiraz – Our Price $14.99
    This is the best value Barossa Shiraz on the market right now – end of story. We love our own Evenwood brand Barossa Shiraz but even having control over the whole process from grape to bottle we cannot bring this quality of Barossa wine in at this price. Exceptional drinking and exceptional value.
  3. Rolling Australian Shiraz – Our Price $14.99
    Multiple Gold and Silver medals this is one of the most respected Barossa Shiraz wines on the market. We are on our very last stocks of this wine and it will not be coming in again – so don’t miss out!
  4. Amaru Argentina Malbec – Our Price $14.99
    Amaru have just come off a high with their Torrentes earning Trophy at the Deacanter International Wine Awards which speaks to the seriousness of the winemaking on offer here. Made from grapes grown at high altitude where the warm days and cold nights impart serious concentration into the wine. Make no mistake the fact that Argentina can produce a wine of this calibre at this price point has other red wine producing countries losing a great deal of sleep!
  5. Five Oaks Nelson Pinot Noir – Our Price $14.99
    Single vineyard, estate grown Pinot Noir from Nelson. Typically Nelson with lighter cherry and blackberry fruit flavours this is outstanding drinking on any occasion. Repeat purchased by our customers over 1000 times!