Todo Loco

Finally a real wine with real soul at a genuine budget price. Grown and hand-picked by a co-operative of 2000 families in the Utiel Requena domination of Spain. This wine has won medals and acollades from wine critics around the world and is now available for the first time in New Zealand exclusively from Winesale.
Don’t take our word for it though. Here is what the wine critics say:*
*(note Toro Loco is sold as Todo Loco in New Zealand):
“A panel of experts has named a wine sold by the budget supermarket for just £3.59 as one of the world’s best. Spanish Toro Loco Tempranillo from 2011 excelled in blind taste tests alongside reds costing nearly ten times as much. Judges at the International Wine and Spirit Competition awarded it a silver medal, describing it as ‘fruity, rounded and appealing’ with hints of ‘nice bright cherry’. The supermarket’s  red wine was compared with several older, more expensive ones, including a £31.15 bottle of Costa di Bussia Barolo Riserva DOCG from 2005.It was up against a 2005 bottle of red Costa di Bussia Riserva DOCG, which is priced at £31. Also in the running was the esteemed Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, which has a £30 price tag.” Daily Mail UK
“Starting off with my recommendations, my first choice is what I consider to be my best all round value for money wine, and it is Toro Loco from Aldi. Priced at €6.29, it is not going to be the best red you have ever experienced or will taste in your life but at that price I challenge you to find better. Up until recently 100% Tempranillo, it is now 75% Tempranillo and 25% Bobal, both Spanish grape varieties. Dark berries and a hint of strawberries make this a fruity but full-bodied and very drinkable wine, and despite its dark fruit it’s lighter than you’d think. At this price I think it represents excellent value.” Best Red Wines Under $10 –
“What Aldi does have which the indies (and the other supermarkets for that matter) don’t, however, is a bargain basement wine of the quality of Toro Loco Tempranillo, a juicy, berry-fruited red that is astonishingly good considering tax and other costs leave only a few pence for the wine itself.” David Williams – The Guardian
“I simply can’t believe there is any way that this can be produced for £3.49 a bottle – it simply defies logic.  There are numerous costs that every bottle of wine has to bear including transportation, retailer mark-up, and packaging & labelling.  On top of these are the hefty VAT and Duty costs imposed by the Government which can easily make up 50% of the overall price on a standard bottle of wine.  Estimates show that on a £3.79 bottle of wine only about 15p actually goes on the wineitself, and that runs the whole process from growing the grapes, to harvesting them, to the final production.  To get all the above depth from 15p seems unbelievable, almost unreasonable.
It was sold out the last time I went to get it, but trust me, I’ll be buying it again very shortly if I can get it.  I may even ‘trade up’ to the Toro Loco Reserva, which sees additional ageing in oak and adds Garnacha and other international grape varieties (Merlot and Shiraz) to the blend.  As the premium offering for the brand, it still comes in at a very modest £4.99
Toro Loco is truly a gem of a wine and one that you don’t want to miss.” Darren Willmont – Vinesight
It’s a screwtop bottle of plonk costing just €4.99 but its a corker, according to international wine experts. And Aldi has seen unprecedented demand for its Spanish Toro Loco Tempranillo since it picked up the top award.
A blind-tasting event conducted by a panel of experts placed the red alongside many older wines costing nearly 10 times as much. Judges at the International Wine and Spirit Competition awarded it a silver medal.
They described the wine as “fruity, rounded, and appealing”, with hints of “nice bright cherry”. Toro Loco Tempranillo beat off a number of higher priced rivals including a fine Italian — a 2005 Costa di Bussia Riserva DOCG costing about €40 a bottle. Aldi is right to bask in the publicity of the silver medal awarded to its Toro Loco Tempranillo Utiel Requena 2008. The last time I tried it, in Aug 2010, I recommended it, saying that the big rustic tempranillo was, crucially, crisp and correct and that you wouldn’t normally expect quality like this at its price of €4.99, proving yet again that the link between price and quality is tenuous to say the least.” Blake Creedon – Irish Examiner
Still not convinced check out the You Tube video about the wine and the region and people that make it:
Today only we have case specials on all three Todo Loco wines:
Todo Loco Tempranillo Superior: $11.99 per bottle or $9.99 per bottle on a case buy. Save $24
Todo Locl Crianza: $13.99 per bottle or $11.99 on a case buy. Save $24
Todo Loco Reserva: $15.99 per bottle or $12.99 on a case buy. Save $36