Evenwood is back!


Sensational 13 bottle case deal

Our absolute best seller back in stock – Evenwood Barossa Shiraz!

Over 5000 repeat buys by 1400 customers, 186 reviews and a 4 1/2 star customer rating, this is undoubtedly OUR BEST SELLING WINE

The new 2015 Vintage is now available and we think its just keeps getting better and better AND we have secured a small amount of it’s big (and higher quality) brother, The Evenwood Premium Reserve Barossa Shiraz. 

Barossa Shiraz is in incredibly high global demand which means the price goes higher and higher for great wine, we have made absolutely sure the Evenwood Barossa Shiraz continues to deliver exceptional value for money. 

We are rewarding your loyalty and patience with the Evenwood Barossa Shiraz with a special 13 bottle case – 12 bottles of Evenwood Barossa Shiraz plus 1 bottle of Evenwood Premium Reserve Barossa Shiraz for $180.00 normally $226.87 – You save $46.87


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