Time to Vote


Time to vote!

Time to Vote for your favourite tipple and celebrate ~ will these wines leave the (ware) house?

Tall Poppy Chardonnay – Has to go, has Aussie origins so can not stay in the house! Only $90 per case

Tall Poppy Sauvignon Blanc – Has been voted 5 stars but last cases have to go – Only $99 per case 

Brightside Sauvignon Blanc – We bought too many cases and it has to go this weekend – Only $108 per case 

Five Oaks Pinot Noir – Over 1400 customers have voted with their wallets on this wine – Weekend special only $150.00 per case or $13.99 a bottle 

Todo Loco Crianza Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon – This is definitely our top lolly scramble policy to win your votes!The craziest deal all weekend Only $10.99 per bottle or $108 for a dozen


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