Belinda Griffiths wins Wine Label Award

Winesale CEO Grant Archibald and General Manager  with this years winning art award : Breathe by Belinda Griffiths

The winner of the $10,000 Wine Label Art Award 2011 is Auckland artist Belinda Griffiths. The Award was announced last night at the 2011 New Zealand Art Show’s Gala Evening attended by over 1,200 people.

Yesterday, representatives viewed some 3,000 artworks by 675 artists before choosing to award this year’s Wine Label Art Award to Belinda for her painting ‘Breathe’.

Belinda has exhibited previously at the New Zealand Art Show and at the Seed Gallery in Newmarket.She works primarily in acrylic on canvas and hand pulled monoprints. Her works concentrate largely on the expressive qualities of mark-making and the conveying of emotion through the human form.

The Wine Label Award is open to any artist whose work is selected for exhibition at the New Zealand Art Show.


We’re all over the country this weekend, come and visit us! are showing our wines at three venues throughout the country this weekend. Come along and try some wine and say gidday if you can!

We’re at:

The Great Taste Food Show in Whangarei to be held on Saturday between 9 and 5.30 at the Forum North Exhibition Centre

The Waikato Home and Garden Show on all weekend at the Claudelands Event Centre

The Wellington Wedding Show between 10 and 3 at the Overseas Terminal Function Centre

Here we are at the awesome Speakeasy Wine and Food Festival held last weekend in Petone: at the Speakeasy Wine and Food Festival in Petone at the Speakeasy Wine and Food Festival in Petone

Good Wine Invites Return Trips!

New Website Feature!

At we think a wine can have all the awards or star ratings in the world, but what really matters is whether or not the customer comes back for more.  After all – buying the same wine a second time is the ultimate accolade any wine can earn from a consumer.  It’s the consumer saying “I have shelled out my hard-earned cash for this wine and it has delivered on its promise and I am going to enjoy buying this wine again!”

With this in mind we have created the concept of Return Trips to let you know exactly how many times our customers have been excited enough by our wines to buy them a second time. Wines listed on now have a Return Trips badge giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice about your wine.

At the bottom of each wine description you might see something like:

Return Trips: This wine has been repeat purchased 100 times by 70 customers!

This means that the wine you are looking at has been thought so good by 70 customers that they just had to buy it a second time. In fact of those 70 people who purchased it more than once, some of them have purchased it 3, or 4, or maybe even 5 times. Hence the 100 repeat purchases. Now… this could mean that 40 of the 70 people bought the wine twice and 30 bought it three times, or it could mean that 69 people bought the wine  twice and 1 person bought the wine 32 different times!

Anyway you get the picture! The wine is loved so much that at least 70 people took another trip with it – a Return Trip

Just one more way that is making the wine buying process easy for you!

It should be noted that Return Trips do not measure the volume of wine which is sold. For example you may buy one bottle of the same wine three weeks in a row and this would count as two return trips. Likewise if you bought a case of the same wine three weeks in a row this would also count as two return trips.

Also note:
Only wines that have been repeat purchased 5 times or more will display the Return Trips badge. Wines without the Return Trips badge may be new listings. Return Trips statistics also apply to multiple vintages of the same wine. So if 50 people have taken Return Trips with the 2008 vintage and 5 with the 2009 vintage then the Return Trips for the 2009 vintage will show 55 .

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Netguide Web Awards accepting votes now!

We want your vote! If you are one of the thousands of New Zealanders who visit us every week looking for amazing wine bargains and you think is the best shopping site in New Zealand then vote for us in the Netguide Web Awards – New Zealand’s most prestigious publicly selected web awards.

Click here to cast your vote. Vote for us in any category you like but especially in Best Online Shopping Site and Best New Launch, Relaunch or Innovation Site.

Voting closes 22nd of June so don’t delay – get your friends, family members and pets to vote for!

Thanks and drink great wine!


New Email Format and New Homepage

Exciting things happening here at . Today we launched our brand new HTML email newsletter. We’ve been using text messages to send out our deal sheets for the last 10 years, and while they have served us well, technology has now moved on and now we can offer our subscribers a much more user-friendly experience. Some of the features of our new email you may like (aside from the bright colours and pretty pictures!) are:

  • You can now click directly through from our email to a secure order form on our website which contain the same wines which are in your email.
  • Once you have have registered to order off our website for the first time you never have to enter your delivery details or your credit card details (again). This will really speed up your ordering off our emails going forward.
  • If you want to know more about any of our wines you can now click directly through from your email to a more detailed description (and pictures) on our website.

New Home Page

We have also made some improvements to our home page today. Some of the changes you might notice are:

  • We have made it easier for new visitors to the site to sign up to our newsletter directly from the home page.
  • We have also made it easier to see four of our very best daily deals directly on the homepage.
  • There is a new Start Shopping section which gives vistors the opportunity to jump quickly to detailed sub-category searches with just one click.
  • There is a cool new Top 10 list which shows the top 10 sellers on the website over the last 24 hours. This is updated in real time so visitors will be able to see what bargains our customers are finding on the site every day.

We hope you like our new home page and emails. If you have any comments about either of these things please feel free to leave a comment on this blog. We always love to get feedback from our customers.

Cheers and have fun

The team at

Our email is changing – advice to Yahoo/Xtra users.

The astute among you may have noticed that the email addresses from which we send our twice weekly newsletter containing our awesome wine deals has changed recently. We have moved from to

Why have we done this?

Lately we have been finding it very difficult to get our emails through some Spam Filters. In particular we have been having trouble with the Yahoo/Xtra Spam Filter.  This is despite all our newsletter recipients being legitimate subscribers who have asked to receive our email.

Since our twice weekly deal sheet is kind of central to what we do here and since Yahoo/Xtra email addresses account for around one third of our email list, we decided to get some advice about how we could improve our situation. Without getting into the complications of the Yahoo/Xtra Spam Filter and why it is delivering mail from legitimate senders to the Spam folder, we can say that one of the pieces of advice we received was to tidy up our email addresses. Since we are now focusing on the domain to transact our business we decided to move all the emails to this domain as well.

I’m a Yahoo/Xtra email user. How can I always ensure I get your emails in the future?

If you’re a Yahoo/Xtra email user you can make some changes on your Yahoo/Xtra webmail account which will ensure you always get our email. (Note this has to be done in Webmail, it can’t be done on you computer using a program like Outlook.)

First of all check your SPAM folder for our messages:

1. Log in to Yahoo!Xtra Mail Account
2. Open the Spam folder by clicking it in the folder list on the left of the page
3. Check Spam messages
4. Click on any messages you find from Corporate Direct/Winesale
5. Click the Not Spam button along the top of the window.

Secondly if you want to ensure messages from Corporate Direct never get sent to your SPAM folder then add us to your webmail contacts:

1. Find any message from us.
2. Next to the email address in the reading pane you will see an Add icon with a little plus sign. Click on this and click “Save”.
1. Click Contacts in the folder list along the left side of your Yahoo! Mail page
2. Your Contacts open as a tab in the main window
3. Below the word Contacts on the actual tab, notice the Rolodex-card icon with a plus sign next to the words Add Contact.  When you move the mouse here, it becomes a button, and when you click it, a Contact Properties window opens where you can enter our email address. Our email address will depend on which region you live in. Click here to see the latest list.
4. Click OK when you’re finished.

Lastly please never label an email from us as Spam!

If you are tired of hearing from us, all of our emails contain a very easy to follow unsubscribe link which will have you off our list in a flash!

Kea Point Wines a big hit at the Wellington Races.

wellingtgonracesOur Kea Point wines were a big hit with the punters at our booth at the Trentham Music, Wine and Racing Festival. Racegoers were singing the praises of our Kea Point Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir as they grooved to the laid back stylings of New Zealand jazz legend Nathan Haines.

And our favourite question of the day:  Where can I buy these great wines? Why right here at of course and thanks for asking!

By Popular Demand – The Under $10 Button!

Thanks to multiple requests from our cash strapped customers (there must be a recession on), we have now changed the Under $15 button in the left sidebar to an Under $10 button!

So all you need to do to see all our great sub $10 wines is hit that button or you can click here right now!

Never let it be said our customers don’t appreciate a bargain!

In other changes you will also notice at the bottom of each product page we now show you wines in a similar style to the wine you are viewing – hopefully making it much easier for you to find wine you’ll love!

Happy shopping!

Welcome to our New Home Page Mascots

Well the results of our home page election are in and it was a close race. Importantly 33% of voters didn’t care if our mascots stayed or left!

Also importantly another 34% of voters thought that they should stay and yet another 34% of voters thought that either one or both of the mascots should be sacked. We know that adds up to 101% but our pollsters insist these are the correct results.

So while only 34% of our respondents were unhappy with our choice of home page mascots – we at have taken the view that we want 100% of our customers to be happy 100% of the time. In order to achieve this lofty goal we have taken the drastic step of  giving both  “Tuxedo Guy” and “Wine Dancing Girl” notice of redundancy. Please be assured that we have provided these loyal employees with all of their statuatory rights as well as a lengthy course of career counselling.

To be truthful we were getting sick of “Tuxedo Guy” sitting around the office, smoking cigars and drinking all the port anyway. And the tuxedo didn’t really fit in with the casual office work dress policy we have around here at

So thank you for your feedback. We hope you like our new mascots. Once again please feel free to leave any comments you have below.

Should I stay or should I go?

Thank you for all the fantastic feedback you’ve given us about our new website. Everyone has been very impressed with the design of the site and how easy it is to use.






Some of you love our Winesale home page Mascots “Tuxedo Guy” and “Dancing Wine Girl” and some of you are not so keen on them. So in the spirit of democracy and since we’re all voting this weekend anyway we thought we’d let you have your say on the really important issues!

Please feel free to leave a comment about our home page below. Thanks for your feedback!

Cheers and have fun!

The Team at